5% Nutrition Core L-Citrulline 3000 with Glycerol

5% Nutrition Core L-Citrulline 3000 with Glycerol

• Nitric Oxide Booster & Muscle Pump Supplement

• Pre-Workout Additive

• Unflavored (60 Servings)

  • TRIED & TRUE NO2 BOOSTER: If you want to generate the max NO2 for nutrient rich blood flow, look no further than L-Citrulline 3000. Every serving delivers a 3000mg dose of NO-generating amino acid, plus 500mg of Glycersize, an advanced form of Glycerol, which makes your muscles absorb water (along with nutrients) like sponges to fuel performance and faster recovery.
  • PURE L-CITRULLINE: L-arginine is poorly absorbed and gets filtered out by the body when taken orally, making it nearly useless. So called "L-citrulline malate 2:1" and similar formulas are really just blended (not molecularly bonded!) malic acid filler. Peep their marketing and blog hype! That's why we only use pure, unadulterated L-Citrulline, the PROVEN NO2 PRECURSOR.
  • EASY TO STACK: Each scoop adds explosive pumps, energy, performance, and power to any workout supplement. Double scoop to KILL IT! When your heart is pounding out of your chest on that last rep, your circulatory system will thank you.