5% Nutrition Turkesterone

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5% Nutrition's Turkesterone 1200 is an exciting new supplement that supports building muscle and enhances recovery! Add it to your post workout regimen and take your results to the next level!

Introducing new 5% Nutrition Turkesterone 1200! This exciting new 5% supplement provides 1200mg of Ajuga Extract with 200mg of Beta Ecdysterone. Since absorption is what it’s all about, 5% came up with an innovative absorption complex. 

What Does Turkesterone And Beta Ecdysterone Do?

Turkesterone (and Beta Ecdysterone) stimulate protein synthesis. In addition, both of these act as an anti-catabolic by helping the body preserve muscle during times of restricted calories. Those are two huge benefits!

The key to success when using Turkesterone is to take it with a high protein meal. The typical time to take Turkesterone is post-workout. Used at this time promotes improved recovery.