Bite and More Protein Pancake (singles)

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Traditional pancake met with protein. 8 flavours with a cream filling between two layers of pancake slices. This special product sweetened with honey contains 10g of protein.

Our protein pancakes with calcium, iron and potassium ingredients are great snacks for you. Bite & More pancakes will increase your pre-sports energy level or allow you to obtain the amount of protein you need after the sport. Or if you want to choose healthy snacks during the day, you can try Bite & More protein pancakes. Our high-protein snacks with balanced macros contained are delicious and satisfying.

For those who want to get away from boring snacks, Bite & More protein pancakes have different options. You can choose a pleasant snack by choosing the one that suits you from Strawberry Cream Protein Pancake, Milk Chocolate Protein Pancake, Milk Caramel Cream Protein Pancake, Vanilla Cream Protein Pancake.