Bowmar Essentials Aminos & BCAAs

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• Enhanced Muscle Preservation
• Improve Muscle Recovery
• 99% Absorption Rate

Aminos are the building blocks of protein. Most only tie aminos to muscle gains and protein synthesis but they are required to function as a human being- including but not limited to: physiological functions, metabolism, cognitive ability, etc.

Of the 20 aminos- 9 are essential. Bowmar Nutrition ESSENTIALS has all 9 of the essential aminos and is a full spectrum product that can be taken any time during the day. Our EAAs optimize your overall health and complete protein synthesis.

  • Leucine- critical for growth hormone production and protein synthesis
  • Threonine- supports immune system and fat metabolism
  • Lysine- supports muscle repair and recovery by playing a role in growth hormone secretion
  • Isoleucine- helps prevent muscle breakdown during lifting and cardio
  • Valine- heavily involved in energy production
  • Phenylalanine- helps promote a healthy nervous system
  • Methionine- aids in the body's ability to process and eliminate fat
  • Tryptophan- not just in turkey! It's a precursor for serotonin which regulates mood, appetite, and sleep
  • Histidine- aids in fighting off cell-damaging free radicals