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Zone Elite


    ZONE ELITE !! This one is the Bigger, STRONGER version of Zone!!!.

    Ammonia smelling salts for weight lifting have been used for decades in boxing, lifting, and other professional sports.  Smelling salts are safe and effective if used properly. Smelling salts deliver a high potency of ammonia gas, opening the blood vessels and creating a rush of oxygen to the brain which creates an instance sense of clarity and focus. 

    Give Zone Elite smelling salts a try and hit that PR.



    Zone Elite comes INACTIVE to give you the longest possible life span once you receive the item. Activation is simple just add a Zone cap of water or 12.5ml of water only once. Make sure to leave the cotton ball inside. Once you add water give it a good shake, let it sit for a few minutes and it's good to go.  After about 2-3 months you can add another 2.5-5mls of water to give it another boost.  See activation video for reference.