Bowmar Rapid Mixer 2.0

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  • Sleek stainless steel design to match any aesthetic
  • Provides consistent power from start to finish
  • Dual whisks to blend seamlessly in any liquid (hot or cold) within seconds and leaving no clumps

Effortless blending at the palm of your hand! With the press of a button, you can blend or froth your favorite supplements into water, coffee, milk, or any other liquid of choice (hot or cold)! The dual whisks provide superior mixing, so you get the perfect consistency every time and never have to worry about drinking clumps. Our high powered rapid mixer’s stainless steel design fits perfectly into your hand for unrestricted use and easy cleaning. Now you can mix your supplements with ease whenever and wherever you go.

*Please ensure the electronic part of the rapid mixer does not get wet. It is electric and will be ruined. Refunds will not be given for water damaged items.
**AA batteries NOT included.