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At 10 years old, Braxton Lundstrom chases his goals of placing top 3 in the Vancouver Island Mototcross Championship in the age class and the open class. Braxton is currently in grade 5 and his favourite subjects are reading, science, and gym! I've honestly never met someone, let alone a kid, that could name so many different dinosaurs, and pronounce all those names correctly.

If you’d like to support this young motorcross rider on his journey; the profits from this high quality shaker go to help him & his family just a little bit with the costs involved! 

"Some of my goals for 2022 season are:"

  • Finish top 3 in the VIMX championship series on my 65cc
  • Attend all of the VIMX sanctioned events
  • Attend as many of the FutureWest race events as finacially possible
  • Race at the WCAN (Western Canadian Amateur National)


The SportShaker uses patented ProBlend Technology harnessing the power of kinetic energy. Studies show that kinetic based mixing elements that blend against the flow of material provide a more effective and smoother blend than shakers with free moving mixing elements that only flow with the material.

Is it dishwasher safe?

SportShaker 27oz | YES - Top Rack Only

Where is it made?

Made in the USA.

What makes this product better?

Its all in the blending! SportShaker uses ProBlend Mixing Technology in a effort to beat the competition in providing superior results every time.